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Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul.
And sings the tune
Without the words,
and never stops at all.

Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

I hope things improve.

It sounds like you do have some mountains to climb--I love that you say you love mountains and are keeping an optimistic outlook. It is tiring though to face all those stresses. I wish you all the best.

My heritage is Welsh. I have become very interested to learn more about my Welsh forefathers. I hope to visit Wales soon. I stubbled upon your beautiful blog by searching on "wales, blog". Serendipity smiles upon me once again! :-)

I am moved by your posts in a soft but meaningful way. I particularly appreciated your Buddhist quote and have saved for my own meditations.

Your body may not be well but YOU are perfect! My heart hurt a bit reading of your health challenges. I don't know if it helps that some random man a continent and an ocean away has compassion for your suffering, but I do!

The photography on your blog only increases my pining for my ancestral homeland.

Bliss be with with you!


So glad to have you back but wish I could do something about your mountains.I had guessed that you were facing a challenge but not that it was the Pennines!
I send positive thoughts ,prayers and every good wish.

Susanne, I'm sorry to hear about your mountains of troubles. I'm glad that you have hope and an optimistic outlook because that's so important and will see you through. I'm sending good thoughts and will keep you in my prayers.

You have my prayers. To lose health and home is very sad. It's never one damn thing after another, but everything all at once. Focus on one problem within your reach, and deal with that. One by one, solve, ignore, cut away, attend. Keep breathing.


Puts my minor troubles in perspective. Hang in there and I hope it improves for you soon.

Beautiful photo. Reminds me of watching the weather while mending the roof of our Brecon cottage, and wondering if I could finish before the rain hit me.

I am writing from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I have just discovered your site...it is a truly lovely one filled with depth and insight, much like the author of its words, I am sure.

The inlet I live in is misty and wild with high mountains. I love them, too...when I look out at them each morning I will wish you peace and healing.

Oh Susanne how sad to hear that you are facing such big problems at the moment. A lot of people are thinking of you, me included, and I wish you all success in facing these hurdles. Thinking of you, and wishing you all the very best of luck.

Bless. The optimism your words exude is so inspiring. Sometimes when we're in the thick of it, the world, not just those mountains, may seem entirely overwhelming. But, keep your eye on the horizon, for this too shall come to pass.

I believe that crisis is God's way of preparing us.. opening our minds for what's to come next. We do gain so much in the process and shed away much of the old, as well. In the end, some things will just look much clearer to you than anyone else.. for having endured the enlightenment. <3

Susanne, I hope these obstacles will be resolved and will pass through your life quickly. I offer my prayers for you and know that you will rebound from these adversities with your core of courage and peace.

I hope and pray your operation goes well and your health improves quickly ... and that your house remains your home or that you find another home even better! I, too, am hoping for a united Ireland.

Hey, sorry to hear your news Susanne ... offering a silent prayer. Best, Ralph

Suzanne, I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Think of that wonderful light - the light in which you remember your friend! I have nothing to offer you but my love and the observation that we tend to be stronger than we think; when I faced major surgery I was alternately frightened and surprisingly calm; I hope that it will relieve and help you, and your other "mountains and hills made low". Peace to you.

Thinking of you, lighting a candle by my buddha, and sending you hope, strength, joy, and wisdom.

The photograph is amazing, do you see the sunlight on that far mountain....


Ye Gods, Susanne, sounds like you did face some mountains. Life is all about peaks and valleys, I guess. I hope you are feeling better now. You are facing into some major things in your life, the ones with big numbers in the stress tests. Thinking of you.

What a beautiful picture... how lovely!

Somehow wandered here to your wonderful blog to experience a bit of your grandmother's life. You write so vividly, I can almost see that light in her West Cork kitchen.

Sending good and hopeful thoughts to you in your current travails.

Just dropped by to say hallo, and wondering how you are. All the very best to you...

Thank you for sharing a part of your life in this blog. It has been a blessing for me. You have found a way to give to many people this way. I'm praying and thinking of you with positive thoughts.

Need. New. Pics. And. Post.



C'mon, how is it?! Where are you going to live?!
Always loving Ippe

I didn't know her personnaly but was really sad when I read that Mo M. had died.
I love your incredible photos. Wales is so beautiful.

Just a quick hello to say to my fellow traveler on journey of a spiritual Talife with chronic illness.I know how challenging it can be.You are my thoughts and prayers too.Blesssings.Becky

Okay. I had no idea Mo had passed on. That gives me great sadness. I am exiled here and do not read new reports for fear of getting upset about negative world press..but Mo passing on? That tugs. Plus my grandmother comes from Cork too. Right. I promise, I'll stop these multiple comments now..and I've changed my mind about linking your site...it looks like you have enough to be dealing with.

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