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Beautiful. Cats make the world a better place don't they? (Unless you're a bird)

My most favourite photo. It makes my tongue go all funny when I look at it. Thanks. I'll blog it tomorrow :-)

Omg!! Too bad you didn't have a camera handy for that. Sound like you a good and funny Easter

I keep coming back to look at this picture. Sheer bliss! :)

A picture like this makes me realize that this is what is real--not all the war and bloodshed stuff we are bombarded with.

I love that little action they make when they dip and lick ... and how they can paw-tease out just the right amount of mince from the bowl whilst my back is turned ...

How gorgeous they are ... min bath eachother to - at least they start out bsthing eachother - it takes about a minute and the next thing I know they are rolling around play fighting.

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