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www.sailwx.info - what a fascinating website. I never knew it existed. Thank you so much for the link. I do hope your wooded crate and its contents arrive intact. "Things" are an important part of our sense of security, particularly noticeable when we are separated from them and their familiar surroundings for a long time. They may just be "things", but they are also old and trusted friends.

Maybe one misses things more when they are not still in boxes in the basement but in boxes in someone else's basement. I feel a sort of guilt when unpacking a box years after moving I see what I have neglected to cherish.

A dozen years. That's time capsule material. It will be fascinating to see if they have new stories to tell you. How will they arrive? Will you pick them up when the ship docks, or will they go onto a truck or some other mode of transport?

There you are! So good to see a post from you, Susanne. Unfortunately, I have enough stuff accumulated to scare the beJesus out of my kids who know they will have to get rid of it one day if I don't. Having a minimalist life sure makes it easier to stay in the moment though, doesn't it?

I wish you the very best in reclaiming these items. I agree with Cdv: many new memories await as well!

'Things' remind us where, when, who and how. Such memories are priceless.

Oh, this has meaning for me at the moment. My possessions haven't been round the world but a number of them have been in storage for several months. I missed them too and for similar reasons.

I wonder if yours have arrived yet .....

Lovely post, as always.

When one is around objects, especially very old objects they seem to transmit their history, by a method beyond our present knowledge and understanding? Do we get attachments to objects we own , because they literally become a part of us and those around us? They somehow absorb minute parts of our energy fields? Your site is as magical and hard to forget as Wales………Peace

Good luck. Been there, done that. Thirteen and a half years for one batch of my life. I cried over what was there and what was missing. Then 6 years for another batch. Again, an ex had been into it and so much was missing and much was ruined since he repacked it, stupidly. Don't put anything copper between evening dresses and send it on a sea voyage. But even if I had to pitch half of it, it felt so good to have my life in one place in one country again.

Abyss jumping. Sourround sound of a voice full of curious wine. And still, you resonate a horizontal imagination. A plateau of just cause. Because of you- taking it, moment by moment.

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