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Grief is infinitely mutable.

Only time will ease your sorrow. I'm truely sorry to hear about your friend's death.

I'm sorry you are in a bad place following your lose. It probably doesn't feel like it now but the pain will dull. She lives on in your memories.

I have had all too many losses of dear family members and friends, and I have found that time is truly the best healer. Personally, I found it helpful to go to my garden and work hard physically. In the privacy there, I cried if I felt like it, said what I needed to say, and exhausted my body enough that when I went to bed I could sleep. Best wishes. God bless you.

Your friend sounds a real asset to your life. I guess when assets such as this are taken from us, we have to be glad we had them for a little while and remember how it was with them, and be thankful. But. You know this. Thinking about you, but knowing you will deal with this as you deal with everything life throws at you ...

It's hard to know what to say when someone so important is not physically present in your life anymore. So hard..... Take care.

Right now it probably feels that 'time' will not heal......holding hands with grief is not pleasant, but eventually you will lead the way, not it.

I'm so sorry, Susanne. I hope she sends you a happy sign to let you know she's still around.

I am so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself.

I am so very sorry. She must have been a wonderful person for you to grieve her so deeply.

It hurts like hell. I know. It's 10 months since my own mother died, and it hurts less, and there is some comfort, and also less emptiness - I see now the ways she's still with me, and always will be. All I can tell you is that I'm sorry and that it will gradually get less painful, but please don't deny your own grief or let anyone tell you what to feel.

Your love for her, and hers for you, will never die.

remember "the song of five spirits?" it doesn't do justice, but sometimes in these times of grief, it is the beginnings, of which sows the vines of healing. Enlightenment. Zen. Buddha. Compassion. Sovereignty.

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