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Finding beauty in small moments is a gift that you have in abundance. I look forward to each of your posts so that I can enjoy your gift.

To find comfort in routine things really is a gift that is forgotten in todays 'get all/do all' world!

Often the comfort of routine frees us to know that the greater good is not achieved in the moment, the single act, but over the stretch of time in the gathering of many small tasks, small moments, small gestures. The honor comes over time, through dependability.

This sounds terribly trite so please excuse me, but you writing here like you do benefits all of us who read it - don't forget that. You're reaching out to a lot of people here.

I believe that a life well lived puts energy into the world that is positive to counteract so much that is negative; so whether you wrote a blog or you were out in the world at all, your energy being positive would still make a difference.

Brother Lawrence wrote about our small daily tasks being aspects of worship and prayer in 'The Practice of the Presence of God.'

You live your life more positively than most, who face fewer challenges. It's important to make your world as bright as it can be; the light reflects on all of us.

What you write is always worthwhile and benefits those that read. Hopefully some warmer drier weather will allow you back out into the hills of Wales. Keep smiling

WELCOME BACK!!! You have been missed. Since I lost my husband and retired, I have chosen to spend as much time as possible at home. With the exception of picking my grandson up at school and taking him to his mother's office, I live in my little house tending to the things I have chosen to have around me. And, I consider it blessing to have the time look within my soul and search my spiritual being, read the books I have waited so long to read, watch the movies I have missed, tend to my plants and have the companionship of my two pets.
There are so many individuals who look forward to just being at home; not watching the clock and living their life at someone else's bidding. If you had your health, I know you would once again be traveling the world. That is something I have always wanted to do, but I have never been able to travel. Now, I travel through books and the internet. My touch with the world is with people who blog...like you. I can understand how depression can slip up on you and take over you life when you are limited in what you can do. Please don't give up. Your blogs, beautiful pictures and life thoughts are appreciated. You do make a difference in my day. I will be sending positive thoughts your way.
(By the way, did you have you medical proceedure?)

If we can't find purpose and honor in doing the "small things", we're of little use in the grand scheme of life. Many friends suffer from this and other auto immune diseases and, at times, each moment is a struggle. You're tucked in prayer, agape & shalom,


I love so much your words today! They are very emotional to me. What you write is always worthwhile and full of wisdom and beauty.

You live a good quiet life right now. Better than being a Busybacksoon. Your cat seems to appreciate it.

Oh sweetheart..meaning: sweet heart (we all have one) without wishing to sound patronising..you are gentle...what better way to be? Things to do today..breathe in, breathe out and all that...washing up is very therepeutic (scuze my spelling) I happen tothink it very 'Zen'. It's lovely and medative washing up...you are sending peaceful vibes into the world..is a lot better than going out and fighting it all (I'll do that for you during my daily rounds anyway). Sometimes I don't go out for long spaces too. Just try not to stress about it...take a deep breath and consider yourself okay. Please excuse me being bossy...it's just my feathers puffed up x

Just checking in on you. I see that Dr. Who is still on. My FAVORITE British show is East Enders. To keep it on the Public Televison Station that serves our area, the viewers must contribute the funds to support it. I understand that because of our financial support, we are the only ones in the U.S. who keep it "going." And get this, our shows are about three years behind. That is some fan base! I wish our soap operas would take some lessons from East Enders. I would love to watch Coronation Street. I understand that it is super. We have two PBS channels in our area. One is from Houston. And, one is from San Antonio. Both carry BBC programs for us. We get re-runs (Some we have watched as least 10 times) of Keeping Up Appearences, As Time Goes By, Yes, Minister,..just to name three. They recently showed To The Manor Born...again.
I think I have that one memorized! Love The Vicor of Dibley. But, we haven't seen that one in a while.

Sorry. I was just going to check in on you and I got carried away. That happens when I start talking about "my British shows."

I hope you are doing better. I don't see anything new sitting on those shelves. ???
Just know that your readers are thinking about you.

Absolutely there is honor in doing the small things. Life lived with intention is always a good thing, even if for a time those intentions are small.

I enjoyed reading your blog this evening. A pleasure and a relief to find a thoughtful and well written entry.

I remember visiting a very beautiful place, perhaps not far from you, sometime ago (maybe 25 years!) It was old Friends Meeting House, called The Pales, and it was built on the side of a hill overlooking the beautiful forest of Radnor. It was misty and raining and the trees beyond were visible only during the moments the clouds parted, gusts of wind. The inside of the meeting house was dark and I sat down for a moment and shook off some of the damp.

I recall that time as being one of a lot of stress, a lot of it generated by feeling that I was wasting my time and life doing what I, at the time, was doing.

But being there then gave me some feeling of honour; in the sense that I was honoured to be in that place then, that the light that subsequently helped me through other difficult times, was so very strong to me at that moment.

I don't know. There are moments and mileposts in the past that help me through the days.

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