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Spare and lovely.

This photo and your writing moved me a lot. I guess I can hear the swifts in the evening sky. What light!

Oh wow.

A metaphor for life--the lights and the shadows. Gorgeous photo!

I feel like I'm actually there, looking at the same view. Actually - this picture looks really familiar to me; I maybe HAVE actually seen it, or somewhere near it, on my various trips to Wales to visit my father's family.

You have made me so homesick with this view. Before moving to America I lived in mid-Wales near Llanfair Caereinion. America is supposedly a land of great natural beauty but I have found nothing to compare with those glorious Welsh hills. You have captured the light perfectly.

What a gorgeous pictures. This is my favorite light of all, that late afternoon glancing light - and on this landscape, I can feel the way everything stops for those moments.

I hope you will come to really love your new camera. My husband, who had spent a lifetime with his Leicas and Olympuses, got completely recharged when he switched to digital photography, after thinking he wouldn't like it that much. It's made me so happy for him.

Your pictures touch my soul...
They speak so well that words cannot even compete.

Gorgeous photo! Have a nice week!

I've done the same thing, different location, listening to crickets gradually replace the fading bird calls and watching little white moths come out to look luminous in the fading dusk.

Great way to end the day.

I have just discovered your blog and wanted to say Hi! I'm very sure I will return many a time... Love the writing, Love the photos, Love the music.

Forgot to say that I have been diagnosed with Transvers Myelitis (inflamation of the spinal cord due to a virus) and can understand the mind blowing, brickwall stopping tiredness!

You have an incredible page, I just found it today and i've bookmarked it to return again soon. I have an affinity for Wales, it's a beautiful country.
All the best,

I was once in a canoe on a fog covered lake at sunset, with bats skitting along over the water. Liminal moments.

My fiance lives in Pembrokeshire and while chatting away on the MSN messenger one evening, he mentioned that a bat had flown into his room..again. I thought it entertaining, though a bit odd, especially how he was so casual about it! He said they do that every so often. Oh my..

I love your entries, they're so eloquently drafted and the pictures do speak thousands of words alone. I especially love the pictures of the kitties. :)

I've been having problems with my blog so have moved to:

hoping you are well ...

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