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what a wonderful picture,,,, there are places here in the northwest,, plateu in the middle of the State of Washington that have that similar energy. I read your words and felt the energy of Mother Earth below your steps. Isn't it interesting how we can walk within the words of another and be in the energy as well?

Can't ask for a much better church than this one! So mysterious, so ancient. It could be an inner wisdom "figure."

It looks wonderful. I can imagine sitting there for hours.

As a tourist, it amazed me that these stones in Ireland were so accessible to touch, sit with, feel. There's so much sacred and so much history, and they are still allowed to call out and show a path for people today, rather than walling them off like Stonehenge, where you get arrested for touching them.

Nice photo!

I love the smoothness of the terrain you have captured. And I can image the chill in the air when I see the little bits of snow. So different from what I see around me here. So very very different.

I'd like to spend an hour with my back to that ancient rock. You have such an exotic life to me, here in the 'burbs.

Super picture. Great camera. Must consult with you when time comes for me to buy a camera for posting pics in my blog.

Your standing stone and the experiences you describe there, as you walk your walk, are far more spiritual than almost any traditional brick and mortar church.

p.s. Your reading list looks facinating!

this picture is extremely compelling. i find myself returning over and over again, just to *look* at it.

I wonder how the addition of broadband has led me to your website. And how the limited viewpoint of your correspondants affects your illness. And how your illness impacts upon your work. And whether I should light another cigarette.

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