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it helps reinforce the intentions of other peace seeking people out here :)

Ah, you'll get me started. I am opposed to war basically, but this particular war and the reasons we went into it are tragic. I am an American, proud to be one, but I am so very, very ashamed of this president and his administration. And yet, his popularity remains above 50%. I know we Americans are literally the laughing stock of the world--and now the countries that aligned with us without U.N. sanctions are also going to pay the price, one by one. This is a very dark time for the U.S.

My guess is that most people are against war. Hopefully too, most are opposed to terrorism. Terrorists must not be appeased. Neutrality is no option. Saddam Hussein for eleven years defied ( - too much to list here - ) and was given every opportunity to come clean and document what weapons he had stockpiled. In front of the world's media, he refused to do so. Even after defying UN resolutions. And in the last three days before March 18 2003, he was defiant. Why? What was he hiding?

He'd invaded, attacked and waged war on his neighbour Iran. For what? He lost. As a result, he was not allowed to build up weapons of mass destruction. Why was the work of the UN weapons inspectors made so difficult, and for months at a time impossible? People who are anti the Iraq war seem to gloss over many issues, including the atrocities that Saddam Hussein committed, even against his own people - civilian men, women and children, not to mention the gassing of some 5,000.

I do not agree that the Americans are the laughing stock of the world nor that this is a very dark time for the US. Take the long view. History will vindicate President George Bush. To me, the world felt a mighty unsafe place on 9/11. I, for one, am grateful to the US and our Prime Minister for taking such bold and decisive action. It saddens me that the complexity of protecting us from mass murdering terrorists, in this day and age, is such an unappreciated and thankless task.

Take a look at my recent post about the ghost town - "Chernobyl Rides Again". Click through the pictures of today and read about the 400,000 people that have died and countless others still suffering and dying. Go see all 17 pages of the site to remind yourselves everything - at any cost - must be done to ensure that nothing like it ever happens again - either by accident or chemical, biological or nuclear warfare.

What happened at Chernobyl shows that when it does happen, it's too late to do anything about it.

This is the way that GWB/TB tried to denigrate the opposition to the war: if you are not with us you are against us. Why is neutrality no option? Neutrality may indicate that one disagrees with the apparent and the hidden reasons for waging war. As it turns out, SH was hiding nothing … pathetically … nothing.
SH was the leader of a sovereign nation that a posse of other nations decided they did not wish to have remain in power. Excuses were repeated ad nausem to justify this invasion. I agree that what SH did in his country is untenable. But so is what happens in many other countries around the world. Is the USA/UK going to form a posse to invade each one of these other non-conforming nations?
The Americans have been a laughing stock for quite some time because of their high-handed approach to the society and sovereignty of other peoples. America is an inward-looking nation with an inflated view of its own opinion because of its financial clout. I do not agree that the world was an unsafe place after 11th September 2001 … AMERICA was. Not the world. The world became unsafe when certain nations (mine included) decided (for mostly self-serving reasons) to join with the Americans to unilaterally invade another nation.
A similar site could be established to itemise all the atrocities committed by so-called democratic nations in the defence of “freedom”. The use of Chernobyl in the general context of this argument is misleading and deliberately so. Chernobyl was an industrial accident caused by mismanagement and lack of funds. What Chernobyl proves is that all weapons of this ilk should be dismantled. Which nations in the world have the largest stockpiles of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons and also have the delivery power to unleash them upon the world?

I think we have disgraced ourselves in the eyes of the world. I see no end in sight for stabilization in Iraq and no peaceful way out of there.

Yet, my family has adopted a soldier in Iraq, a young woman with 3 children. I still feel compassion for our troops and their families and all the suffering this war has caused to so many people in so many countries.

Then the bombings start up again and I wonder if Bush is right, if the pacifists are right, and whether there truly is any way to stop terrorism.

I fear the world I am leaving my children and their children.


A wild ride we have here.

Right after 9-11 our Sacred Circle met as we had been doing for several years online. The person who established this circle and acted as our facilitator was also a retired Navy Seatl and a traditional Lakota elder. He was clear that he would be called to partiicpate in whatever military action was forthcoming. A man torn between the obligation and responsibilities of war and peace.

The bit of wisdom he shared with us that day was this:

Peace and generosity will only spread across Mother Earth and affect change when each and every one of us walk in these energies EVERY day with EVERY person we come to meet on our path.

Maybe some might think this an oversimplification. Look to the generations of peoles of Spirit from times past , moments of now and the mutlitudes from every corner of Mother Earth. We affect real change when the individual affects change in his own life.

Greed is a sneaky energy that cripples the "Self" ability to see and respond clearly from a place Creator's highest good for all.

I ask everyone of us who respond about this war , about all the wars before:

Have we each committed the same energy of our words into the actions of our daily life?

Since the "war" has been declared "over" hundreds of men and women have lost their lives, hundred of families are living with aching , broken hearts.

It really ultimately comes down to the choices we each make every day. We are all connected in energy. It is much easier and comforting to look "over there" and blame "those people" for this atrocity or that ,,, forgetting that somewhere in all of our histories our peoples have done these same types of killing in the name of religion or national pride. We all have attacked and wounded another some time in our journey here: a harsh and cutting remark,,,,, a backstabbing justifiied by getting a promotion,,,,,pre-judging another because of their race, religion or nationality,,,,,,neglect of our family in addiction to have more money,,,,,the list goes on,,,,

Every experience gives the Soul an opportunity to grow, even the horrendous and painful ones. We each have been given the opportunities to make peace in our own circle from the lessons of these grave woundings that we see unfolding in our time today.

It is important for all good people to continue to tell the stories of times past and dialogue about the times we walk so we each have the knowledge to make a different choice in our every day lives.

why do want to keep politics out of your blog?

Well your intentions certainly made a stir my dear!
And your comments extend further than just the ones about war i felt.

The news does and can impact on our lives esp tv with its imagary entering our homes. Unable to stop todays unpleasant revelation before it spills out into our living room. It does importantly bring with it happier emotions as well.

Tragic news all affect us in different ways, and is dependant upon our state at a given time as to how we process this information. It's hard not to feel a responsibility to people affected by tragedy, greater concern would be raised by not doing so.

Pondering what changes can be made with reallocated resources shows concern and maybe even is the beginings of repair.

Everyone makes a difference in their own way!

Keep smiling :)

Looking around and seeing such greed and such suffering in the world is so hard, and trying to ignore it doesn't make it go away (I'm not suggesting you are ignoring it by the way). And anyway, for people with compassion its impossible to ignore, isn't it? Sometimes all we can do is hope that putting our own little bits of good into the world will somehow help. It certainly doesn't do any harm.
Making war can never be the way to make peace.

Indeed, putting our own little bits of good into the world will help. I work on the premise that I repay the good of others by doing good to yet another. This keeps the circle spreading.

Agreed. War can never be the path to peace.

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